How To Build A Residential Treatment Center

Partnership for those looking to expand and develop additional residential treatment centers.

With over 40% of Americans suffering from mental health and addiction related crises and an increase in the amount of addiction-related deaths per year in the United States, there is a real need for additional high-quality residential treatment centers. Are you looking to open or expand your own? We can help!

Incarnate Recovery provides partnership for those looking to expand and develop additional residential treatment centers. From the research to the planning to the construction and beyond, allow us to guide you through the phases of expanding the reach of your addiction recovery center. In doing so, together we will make a significant impact on our community on a local level…and beyond!


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Depending on where you are in the process, your journey with us could include the following phases:

Phase One

Planning, Analysis, and Feasibility

During the first phase, we will work with you to conduct feasibility studies and market analyses in order to determine the best location for your addiction treatment facility. We will also help you discover how you will differentiate your expansion from your existing services, as well as other recovery centers in the area. In addition, we will facilitate:
  • Site Selection and Evaluation
  • Feasibility Site Plan
  • Lenders Evaluation
  • Contracting with Architects, Engineers, and Consultants
  • Conceptual Design
  • Economic Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Organization and Timetable
Phase One
Phase Two

Development and Entitlement

During the second phase, we will begin by developing a budget, keeping in mind that the start-up capital usually consists of cash and financing activities and will need to be recuperated with the first few years’ operating activities. We will assist you in setting up a business structure and in the investigations of code specific to the region your facility will reside within. What’s more, we will assist with:
  • City Entitlement Process
  • Municipality Submittal and Review
  • Pre-construction Coordination
  • Awarding General Contractor
  • Finalize Budget
  • Building Permits Approval
  • Final Budget and Lease
  • Close Off Escrow
Phase Two
Phase Three

Construction Management

Phase Three is where the dirty work begins, and we’re here to assist you through it all. During this phase, we will finally execute on the decisions made in Phase Two and work together to see your project through to its completion. This includes:
  • General Contracting Mobilization
  • Bonding
  • Earthwork
  • Building Construction
  • Inspections
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Tenant Move In
Phase Three

See if your program qualifies. 

Whether you’re seeking to expand an existing site or create a new facility, we look forward to creating a brighter future with you. To see if your program qualifies for our partnership, please complete our questionnaire: