Merging capital with courage
to solve the addiction crisis

Exclusively developed by Nashville-based M.W. Incarnate Capital, Inc., Incarnate Recovery has 30 years of experience in the addiction recovery field, including successful management of a non-profit residential and intensive outpatient facility.

Together with our network of capital partners and advisors, our sole mission is to create a level playing field for the community-based organizations tirelessly working at a local level. Those who deliver the greatest benefit by providing effective, long-term recovery services to all who urgently need it, regardless of income or circumstance.

By partnering with select facilities to offer advantageous access to capital for expansion — followed by real estate expertise and project management from site selection to construction, interiors, equipment, and more — we can help each scale to meet the increasing demand on their services. It's a humanitarian investment to save millions of lives, and protect the future of our communities and country.


James Philips


Jim founded M.W. Incarnate Capital, Inc. in 2018 to fund and manage a portfolio of growing businesses. Based on the firm's experience managing the award-winning Samaritan Recovery Community in Nashville, Jim formed Incarnate Recovery as a separate operating division to exclusively focus on assisting other community-based addiction recovery centers nationwide.

Prior to founding M.W. Incarnate Capital, Inc., Jim served as CEO of XMI Holdings, where he provided comprehensive back office services to growing businesses and dozens of nonprofits. He also continues to lead the XMI High Growth and Development Fund, which provides seed and early-stage capital to businesses throughout Tennessee.

As a real estate developer and holder, Jim brings over 30 years of trusted experience in executive leadership, corporate development, venture capital and entrepreneurship to each Incarnate Recovery relationship.

Mark C. Lasko, Ph.D.

Managing Director

As the current executive director for Samaritan Recovery Center in Nashville, TN, Dr. Lasko is heavily involved in all areas of compliance and management of a highly successful alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility. Dr. Lasko’s experience includes both nonprofit and for-profit institutions, including over 15 years of experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He has been instrumental in driving operational change at the facilities he manages, and remains a strong believer that the facility and type of program be client focused. A treatment center must reflect its values from the entrance to the recreational areas. Dr. Lasko is well versed in new programming models of care, and physical requirements of facilities in mental health.

After working to rehabilitate prisoners, Dr. Lasko earned his PH. D. in psychology. Most recently, Dr. Lasko was CEO of Hermitage Hall, a facility treating adolescents with serious and persistent mental illness under the aegis of United Health Services, Inc. a Fortune 500 company based in King of Prussia, PA.

When Dr. Lasko is not working, you may find him playing guitar or playing with his young children around the yard.

Deana Crossley, LCSW


With Samaritan, Deana has been intimately involved in the development and implementation of CARF standards, playing an instrumental roll in ensuring the community remains dedicated to providing person-centered and quality driven treatment services. Samaritan was the first substance abuse treatment facility in Middle Tennessee to obtain CARF accreditation.

Deana's calling has always been to provide mental health and substance abuse treatment services for those with limited resources. During her tenure as Executive Director, Samaritan enjoyed a 51% increase in revenue, developed and implemented a Medically Assisted Treatment Intensive Outpatient program, and began creating a new facility that will double its capacity and provide a range of new, innovative treatment programs and services.

Deana was an active member of the TN Association of Alcohol and Drug and other Addiction Services (TAADAS) for over 20 years. She was also the Chair of the TAADAS Membership Council, and served on a number of mental health and addiction planning councils, committees and task forces for the State of Tennessee.

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