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Strategic Planning Sessions for Addiction Treatment Providers Are Right Around the Corner

It is that time of year again when details are being set out for your annual strategic planning meeting with your board. While this is true in so many industries, this year, in the addiction treatment industry, the pace of change has been like no other. Record amounts of capital have been invested into private providers and virtual platforms. Mergers are happening at an unforeseen pace. Parity laws are being successfully defended in court creating new dynamic relationships among payers, and renewed interest in value-based solutions.

This is all very welcome news. We believe the more resources and people fighting the scourge of addiction, the more lives will change for the better, and even saved.

And yet what does all this activity mean to your addiction treatment organization? We know from other industries which have experienced this pace of change, that the strong will get stronger, and the weak will get weaker or fade away. With so much new money coming into the industry, new well capitalized providers are entering the market offering innovative solutions. That means that if your organization is not growing or getting stronger, another provider well intentioned or not, is likely to start competing for your revenue streams, and your best people.

This brings us back to your strategic planning meeting. When your board goes through the SWOT analysis this year – what do you expect will be high on the list of Opportunities and Threats? If you have a strong program showing good outcomes, and you want to keep it that way, now is the time to grow, expand, and fully develop into what you are capable of.

But once you’ve made the decision to grow, what the best next step? Most addiction treatment providers are not sitting on a pile of excess cash, or staff that need more to do. They are trying to keep people sober and work hard to get billing out the door. Expanding facilities to accommodate new programs is a large, complicated affair, has anyone on the team done that before?

If your organization finds itself in this place, just give us a call. We can provide the site selection, entitlement services, construction management, and the money needed to build the new facility. We would love to help provide more resources to your population and keep more people clean.

See if your facility qualifies for our program.

Whether you’re seeking to expand an existing site or create a new facility, we look forward to creating a brighter future with you. To see if your center qualifies for our partnership, please complete our questionnaire:

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